The Yodelling Cowboy 
 a Tribute to Wilf Carter

Wilf Carter made his mark in Canada and world with a career that lasted for more than sixty years.  From the glimmer of an idea as a child until his death in 1996 he was true to his fans and his ideals.  In his quiet way, he became one of the most influential singers and songwriters in country music history.  He almost single handedly invented and defined the cowboy singer and was an inspiration to Gene Autry,  Marty Robbins, Merle Haggart, Ian Tyson, Roger Whittaker and countless others.


From a CBC radio special he wrote in 1995, Nathan Tinkham has put together a retrospective gleaned from hours of interviews with Wilf and some of his closest friends.  Wilf's story is an amazing one.  From his humble beginnings as the son of a Nova Scotia preacher to his performances on the world stage he made his fans one by one...they loved his music and yodelling, but loved him as a person as well.  Patsy Montana was quoted as saying "When you heard him on the radio, you just knew you were getting the real thing".  That was back in the 1930's, and it's just as true today. With Wilf's blessing, Nathan tells the story of how Wilf achieved his dream of being a cowboy singer and performs some of Wilf's most popular songs.  An evening not to be missed for fans of this great Canadian artist.

    Nathan Tinkham sings

            Wilf Carter

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